About us

“My vision is to empower minds of humankind through holistic wellness and alternative medicine.”
– Jodeci Gonzalez, Founder & CEO

After seeing an increase in drug diversions in the medical field, battling with her own mental health journey, and losing too many loved ones to the opioid crisis, Jodeci Gonzalez began to explore more holistic ways to heal and live well.  


What We Do



J.A.D.E. (Jodeci’s Alternative Daily Enhancements) provides plant-based products and herbal-infused therapies for healthier living.  Our products are made from the finest natural ingredients and help relieve stress and anxiety.  Browse our holistic products designed for pain management, healing, recovery, and beauty.


Companion & Emotional Support

We offer companionship and emotional support services.  Individual sessions are available virtually or in-person.  We have two support companions, Roxii Blue and Chloe Journee, who are also available for individual therapy sessions. Contact us to schedule a support session


Industry Advocate & Spokesperson

Founder and CEO, Jodeci Gonzalez, is an advocate for holistic wellness and alternative medicine. She is available for speaking engagements, promotions and endorsements.  Contact us for booking information.  

Jodeci Gonzalez. Owner
Roxii Blue - Emotional Support Companion
Chloee Journee - Emotional Support Companion
Jodeci Gonzalez - Authorized Retailer of MYWater Hair Solution

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