Welcome to J.A.D.E, the site intended to inspire you. Yes, You, the most important being that walks upon the planet. This is for you.

I’m Jodeci, founder & C.E.O. of J.A.D.E, a cannabis advocate, and a Midwest survivor that has spent the last decade using hemp and cannabis as medicine to enhance my daily life. I graduated from Ball State University in 2014 where I had studied social work as well as worked in independent living and community advocacy. Upon graduation, I was appointed Secretary for Indiana Statewide Independent Living Council and started my career as a Human Resources Consultant, representing the East Central Region of Indiana University Health’s Nursing department. The increase of opioid addictions and deaths across our nation fueled my ambition to change the negative stigma behind cannabis as medicine.

In 2018, I relocated to Las Vegas to join the cannabis industry in marketing, sales, leadership, education and cultivation with local dispensaries. Leading individuals to higher standards of living, I am devoted to providing holistic therapy with alternative medicine stemmed from cannabis and hemp through J.A.D.E. (Jodeci’s Alternative Daily Enhancements).

I created this site to showcase approaches to living a “happy-go-lucky” lifestyle in alternative medicine. I am no licensed physician nor therapist– I am your personal Care Consultant, with a passion to heal the world through holistic therapeutic approaches for anxiety, depression, PTSD, skin issues, and pain management. How, might you ask? J.A.D.E. designs individualized plans with clients that works best for them using approaches in holistic therapy. Some of the activities may include: reading, writing, crafting, cooking, walking, talking, sewing, handling pets, or even cleaning up the clutter around the room! Any safe activity that provides muse, J.A.D.E. is happy to incorporate in the hour of empower sessions.

In October 2020, J.A.D.E. birthed it’s first medicinal gift for the world, Healing Honey. J.A.D.E. proudly curates top shelf exotic products that swarm relaxation and ease! J.A.D.E. launched a medical grade honey, sourced from New Zealand that is infused with lab tested CBG (cannabigerol) to increase the medicinal quality. Our Healing Honey Product line has ZERO THC and is used medicinally to aid in inflammation, bacteria, skincare health, and pain to enhance your relief. Our journey doesn’t end there, so keep in touch. Explore the site and remember, even when the going gets tough, there’s only one way to get back up!